The Process of Outsourcing Your IT Support

When outsourcing your IT support to us you are instantly gaining key benefits that will help you stay focused on your core business and quickly reach your goals. These benefits include: controling IT costs, reducing labor cost, getting the support of trained and experienced proffesionals, implementing secure and cost effective IT solutions, increasing efficiency, competitiveness, compliance, security and risk mitigation. That being said, the below graph will detail the 4 simple steps of acquiring our service. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Being the most reliable Outsourcing IT support engineers, we dedicatedly believe in delivering high value to our esteemed customers. To reach our best IT support services, we have designed a straightforward and simple process to make our customers land on IT solutions within a fraction of minutes.

Contact Us

At your convenience, contact us via any of the contact options we have provided. Call us at (617) 807-0633, mail your requirements to [email protected], share IT support needs via the contact form or our social media pages for Techrams support.
Your requirements will directly reach our tech experts that will be entertained on the priority.

Site Assessment

We have your queries that you were seeking to get solved by professionals only. To get familiar with your needs, we will analyze it properly via potential site assessment strategies, i.e. the second step of our IT Support process.


Based on a thorough site assessment, a detailed proposal will be designed by our team of pros with required accurate information and will be shared with you for reviewing and to get acceptance on the same. This proposal will contain every term based on which work will be carried forward.

Service Agreement

After a successful acknowledgment of the proposal, a service agreement will be shared to clarify that both parties agree on all the terms, procedures, and responsibilities. This service agreement will be taken as a token of acceptance after the signature of both parties on the same.

Network Claim

Following the service agreement, our team will proceed with surveying the needs of IT equipment and software in your business to meet the requirements on time. It will assist your business in finding the gaps timely and help it in smooth running with unavoidable network claim steps.

Network Setup

Based on the network claim step, if the team finds any requirement to install any new IT equipment and software, they will do the setup accordingly and properly fill the gaps.

IT Outsourced

Now you are ready to enjoy the effective and productive way out of Outsourcing IT support by Techrams. With our extensive experience in outsourcing IT support, our best-proven solutions will stand firmly in any of your IT-related concerns at any time. With our highly valued services, you will flourish the cost-effective and strategic deliverables.

This is how our step-by-step IT process proceeds with full clarity and in a professional manner to assist you in your IT support needs. Follow our process and get a chance to connect with the high-quality services of our well-trained staff.