Data Protection & HIPAA Compliant Cloud Backup Services in MA and RI

Healthcare facilities aim to be highly advanced and technically capable, hence they should be very protective to their data in order to provide an uninterrupted service along with patient privacy. Data protection and backup are the two things that you should consider seriously as you have to comply with HIPAA norms, which means you, should be working to find the best HIPAA Compliant Cloud Backup Services.
As one of the best Data Protection Services in MA we offer you the best solutions because here at Techrams, we have experience, skill, expertise and knowledge to ensure the safety of your data.

Data Backup

Healthcare data protection consulting

When you are planning to deploy data protection solutions, disaster recovery contingency plans, you will have many challenges that you need to address. For that reason, we give your consultations so that you can discuss your issues and we can have a look at your facility and servers to get you the right solutions that would bring the right outcome.
From finding out the right data backup solution to building infrastructure and software deployment, we will engage the whole process strategically and objectively.

Disaster recovery at its best in Massachusetts

When it comes to disaster recovery, being the best Data Protection Services in MA we make sure that you get all your data recovered even when there are conflicts within dissimilar hardware and devices.
Our disaster recovery plan and strategy is compliant with all HIPAA guidelines and we ensure that we meet all the defined protocols while deploying disaster recovery plan.

Smart licensing in Boston

When it comes to licensing of critical applications, plug-in and software, we offer you smart licensing, which means the system is simple and you do not have to complicate it, we can do everything for you as far as licensing is concerned.

Data Backup plan

Better and robust encryption

HIPAA compliance logo

When it comes to HIPAA Compliant Cloud Backup Services, we make certain that we give you 256 bit data encryption and that too with role-based verification and user authentication features.
The system logins should be role-based, which is a HIPAA requirement and we ensure that we meet that too. We make sure that the passwords are not stored anywhere on the server and everything is encrypted with AES encryptions.
The backup support system also extends the service to secure the network and have both local and offshore backup images for disaster recovery.

User friendly data recovery and real-time alerts

When it comes to recovering data, we ensure that the system acts intuitively, which means you do not have to remember where the data have been stored and where you can find certain sets of data, you can use our user-friendly recovery interface to pull any data at anytime easily.
The system makes sure that you are getting real-time alerts upon your consent so that you can be aware of what is happening with your data backups and that is so to give you that peace of mind.

Smart support systems

We are one of the most efficient Data Protection Services in MA that believe in giving you the best support system because you might never know when disaster strikes. Through our 24X7 support system, you can get the best technical assistance whenever you need it.
We can send a technical team to look at things on site to find out what is taking place and we can also give you remote assistance to ensure that you are being guided at every moment when you need data backup. The team works round the clock to help you with all your data backup and security issues in an urgent basis so that you do not struggle with anything.

Why we are the best HIPAA Compliant Cloud Backup Service provider in Rohde Island?

A collaborative approach

The first thing is that we are collaborative in our approach, which means we can work with your in-house IT team and work in tandem with them. We believe in knowledge sharing so we think that our clients are our partners and we maintain clear communication between us and our clients.

Technical proficiency

We are experienced and specialized Managed IT service providers, for the healthcare industry, which means you, will get highly relevant technical skills and solutions. We are quite aware of the changing technological landscapes and dynamics along with HIPAA rules and compliance norms, which makes us the best HIPAA Compliant Cloud Backup Services providers in the market.

Transparency and integrity

We are aware of the fact that we are dealing with sensitive data and patient info, hence, we have smart and effective confidentiality policies in place to ensure the utmost safety of your data. We are also a company that believes in transparency and integrity that means you will be dealing with highly professional handpicked staff members.

Customized and effective solutions

We make sure that we give you data backup and security solutions according to your requirements and we thrive to meet both technical requirements as well as your budgetary requirements, which means you will get the best possible solutions here at Techrams at a best price point.

If you have been looking for deploying data backup contingency plan for your healthcare facilities, then you should not look any further, all you have to do is to contact us and find out how we can help you in getting the best data backup cloud solutions for your facilities and make you secure.